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Nehru Trust for the India Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Nehru Trust for the Indian Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum was constituted in India in conjunction with the installation of the Nehru Gallery of Indian Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK in November 1990.

The Trust's aim is - to make the collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum more generally accessible and to encourage the display, study and preservation of India's art and cultural heritage.

The Trust makes a number of awards annually to individual scholars and museum professionals for study, research and training in both India and the UK. It also administers grants on behalf of the V&A Jain Art Fund, and works in collaboration with the Charles Wallace India Trust.

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Pupul Jayakar Fellowship for Heritage Conservation

Urban Renewal of Heritage/ Historic Zones

Instituted by INTACH Delhi Chapter


The fellowship is aimed at recognizing and inspiring individuals and institutions that wish to work in the fields of Urban renewal, heritage conservation, heritage management, research, publication and other related projects in context to the heritage of a city/town. The fellowship is primarily for Delhi and NCR.

The fellowship is only open to Indian Nationals and Registered Institutions. In the case of an individual the applicant must be a graduate/postgraduate/research scholar from a recognized university or a practicing professional maximum of 40 years of age and in the case of a Registered Institution, the institution should have a record of working either in the field of heritage conservation, culture, urban planning, in context to the heritage of a city/town or awareness programmes for the issue of heritage or publication related to heritage and culture. The proposal should not just be a compilation of reports but should contain a well-researched proposal. It should include a plan of action including field visits and the availability of archival material relevant to that study. A preliminary bibliography of the reports, websites browsed should accompany the proposal. Priority will be given to such proposals, which are related to Delhi. The project proposal should be of up to 1500 words.

How to Apply

Applications are invited from research scholars/registered institutions. The full postal and telephonic contact details along with E-mail id should be submitted to facilitate contact. The names and contact addresses/telephones of two references should also be sent. The applications should bear the title 'Pupul Jayakar Fellowship' on the envelope if sent by post and in the subject line if e-mailed.

Terms and Conditions

The duration of the fellowship will be for maximum one year. The grant of Rs 1,20,000/- (Rupees one lakh twenty thousand only) will be given in three installments ; the first installment (50%) at the commencement of the scholarship, second installment (25%) after the review of the project/research and the third installment (25%) after the submission of the complete project report.

  • Three months after the commencement of the work, an interim report should be submitted to the coordinator. The report will be circulated to the Committee who may offer comments to the researcher to consider. The final report when submitted will also be reviewed by the Committee and any changes required can be incorporated.
  • On the successful completion of the study the candidate may be invited to present the findings in a seminar in Delhi.

Agreement with the Applicant

The Applicant will have to sign an agreement with INTACH Delhi Chapter pertaining to a regular flow of work during the fellowship period. The candidate/ institution should inform the selection committee in written if they are holding another scholarship/fellowship for the same project. In the event of non-completion and non-compliance to any of the terms and conditions above the scholarship amount must be returned.

All candidates/institutions should mail their CV and a short synopsis of their project proposal to the address given below. For any further clarification, you can email /call our Delhi Chapter Office:

Programme Officer
INTACH Delhi Chapter
71, Lodi Estate, New Delhi - 110003
Tel: 011-24632267, 24632269
Fax: 011-24611290