INTACH Code of Conduct

  • Adherence to the Code of commitment for every INTACH Member.
  • The membership form for enrollment as an INTACH Member explicitly states that the person (including Institutional Member) has read the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations, and agrees to abide by them.
  • The conduct of every INTACH Member has to be such that it brings credit to the organization.
  • A Chapter and its Members should normally confine their activities within their Chapter’s jurisdiction except where another Chapter requests help, or when assigned certain specific responsibilities by Chapters Division in an area where there is no Chapter and activities have to be undertaken in the larger interest of the Trust.
  • Organizations and institutions that have objectives similar to those of INTACH can become INTACH Members, and vice versa. However it is a matter to be decided by the Central Office, and should be referred along with all relevant details to the Chapters Division for guidance and decision. A Member in his personal capacity can however become a member of any such institution.
  • Chapters have necessarily to interact with the local branches of national and international level organizations. While doing so, it should be borne in mind that no commitments are made that are not in conformity with the Rules and Regulations and policies of INTACH contained in various circulars issued by the Central Office.
  • An INTACH Member is required to observe the rule of law, specifically the laws relating to cultural heritage. The Convenor, as leader of the team, must also ensure that Members do not publicly debate or bring out contentious issues involving their own or other Chapters or the Central Office without first bringing them to the notice of the Chapters Division and seeking clarifications for mutual resolution. In all cases it must be ensured that the conduct does not discredit INTACH or place it in an unfavourable light.
  • If a member, including the Convener derives pecuniary benefits for providing professional services on behalf of INTACH, he/she will do so keeping in mind the provision of Service Tax or any other taxes as applicable, and making sure that there is no violation of law. The Central Office must be kept informed of such arrangements and its approval taken.