INTACH is essentially a membership-based organization of volunteers, thus Membership is important as it gives weight to INTACH’s representation as an organization for preservation and conservation of art and cultural heritage. Beside the Founder Members, the other class of INTACH Membership and Fees and subscription payable by each class is:

Class of Member Admission Fee (Rs.)
Individual Donor 2,00,000
Any Govt. or Govt. organization/ Authority/Body 10,00,000
Corporate: Public or Private Sector Corporation 10,00,000
Institutional (New)* 10,000 (for 10 years)
Life 5,000
Ordinary (existing) 200 p.a.
Ordinary (new) 1200 on admission & 200 each year thereafter
Associate individual (non-voting class) 1,000 (for 5 years)
Student (18-25years) (non-voting class) 300 (one time)
Life (Overseas)- individual US$ 150
Institutional US$ 250

Membership form is common for all Classes of Membership.

* Institutional Membership (New) - if it is a private organization run by an individual or a group of individuals should be a registered institution with standing of at least three years. Along with the form they will be required to give their Memorandum of Association, Annual Report and Audited Annual Accounts of the previous year.

Membership Form duly filled and complete in all respects and signed by the Proposer and recommended by the Convener is received by the Central Office. Membership form should be self filled and no column must be left blank. Interest and how you can contribute INTACH is clearly specified by the applicant.

The columns are verified for correctness. The fees is payable to the Chapter and is the corpus fund of the Chapter. For newly raised Chapter, the fees are received in the Central Office and sent to the Chapter, once its accounts are operative.

Membership form are screened and approved by the Membership Committee in one of the above categories/class. The committee comprises of the Chairman, Member Secretary and Director Chapters.

It is ensured that membership is granted to cross section of people who can address the Organization core concerns, representing diverse professions and skills required to fulfill the various facets of INTACH mandate enshrined in its Memorandum of Association. Following is ensured:

  • Be conversant with The Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations of the Society/Trust
  • Be a person of repute and respect within the community
  • Not have been involved in any police case, moral turpitude or fraud
  • Should not have indulged in anti INTACH or anti heritage activity or caused disrepute or harm to the organization